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About Us 

HIGHGRADE SYRUPS are one-of-a-kind flavored THC syrups that are hand crafted through our proprietary blend. We strive to give our consumers a five-star cannabis experience that can be enjoyed through multiple applications or in its natural form.

  • All Natural – Our ingredients are premium in quality, organic, and non-GMO.

  • Fast Acting – Composition of our syrup is made with the right proportion of emulsified ingredients providing you with optimal results in the shortest time.

  • Shelf Stable – Our syrups provide you with 12-month shelf life.


What really sets HIGHGRADE SYRUPS apart from others is our extensive flavor selection and availability in both Distillate and Rosin. 

Community Outreach

We work with different community outreach programs promoting  humanitarian services of a non-profit that works to engage and educate the community about the organization and its goals. In addition to volunteering, we act as a liaison with community partners to further the organization's goals for community engagement and support. We also partake in community fundraising events and identify as a respected sponsor from past and future donations.

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